Network Management Practices


Minnetonka Telecom does not block access to lawful content. Minnetonka Telecom may block spam email and websites, we may also block malicious hacking attempts, such as DDOS (Distributed denial of service), to protect our customers from these hacking attempts.

If you believe that your email is incorrectly marked as spam, please contact us via our website.


Minnetonka Telecom does not throttle on the basis of content, provider, service, or application. We only throttle your speed to match your Speed Tier, for example, we will throttle users on a 100mbit plan to 100mbit speeds.

Affiliated Prioritization

Minnetonka Telecom does not favor any form of traffic, and does not favor affiliates traffic.

Paid Prioritization

Minnetonka Telecom does not favor any form of traffic for exchange of  money, goods, services or otherwise.


Minnetonka Telecom does its best to ensure our network never experiences congestion. Your speeds will always be above the minimum outlined in your network agreement. In the very rare case of congestion, we will handle it by increasing upstream bandwidth.

Application-Specific Behavior

Minnetonka Telecom does not block, throttle or favor any Application Ports, Protocols or otherwise.

Device Attachment Rules

Minnetonka Telecom asks that you use equipment that supports your speed tier, for example, we require the use of a Gigabit capable router for gigabit service. All equipment provided by us is compatible with your service. You can use your own ONT (Optical Network Terminal), even though we provide ours free of cost, we require any customer purchased ONT to be manufactured by Calix, and be in the 700 series, 800 series, or 2000 series. It must also support GPON.
If we find your equipment to be incompatible, then we will give you the option to use our provided equipment either free of cost or for a fee, or the option to provide a compatible device of your own.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

Actual speeds based on the plan subscribed to by the customer. Latency and jitters outlined in customer Service agreement.

Latency may depend on the distance from the central office. Customers may test their speeds at

Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services

Minnetonka Telecom provides Television service over IP, but does not affect internet speeds as it is provided through a separate network. Minnetonka Telecom also provides VoIP based phone service, also unaffected by broadband internet service.

Commercial Terms


Minnetonka Telecom may adjust the price of its service, either increasing or decreasing, unless contracts state that prices will not change.

Redress Options

Customers are strongly encouraged to reach out to us with any questions or comments.


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