We are building our ultrafast network, As fast as possible.


All of our deployments are 100% Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH/FTTP) unlike other providers who use a low speed medium (Such as Cable TV or Telephone Lines) for their last-mile deployments.

Summer 2020 South Lake Deployment

Construction starting May 2020

Areas Served: South Lake Minnetonka (Shorewood, Excelsior, Greenwood, Deephaven, Tonka Bay, Minnetonka)

Expected project length: 3 months

Summer 2020 Powers & Mill Deployment

Construction starting June 2020

Areas Served: Southern Excelsior/Shorewood (Mill St, Apple Rd, Stratford Pl) & Northern Chanhassen (Powers Blvd, Pleasant View Road, Timber Hill Rd, Summit Cir, Oxbow Bend)

Expected Project Length: 2 Weeks

Summer 2020 Bluff Creek Deployment

Construction starting June 2020

Area Served: Bluff Creek Housing Development (Bluff Creek Dr, Mayapple Pass, Hemlock Way, Marigold Ct, Cottongrass ct, Bluff Creek Blvd)

Expected project length: 1 Week

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What if there are poles in my backyard?keegan2020-03-09T09:38:28-05:00
If your utility poles are located in the backyards in your neighborhood, we will go door-to-door and alert each house to our presence, asking to keep dogs and pets indoors for a short duration. We will use ladders to climb the poles, because our bucket trucks cannot fit in the back. Please do not threaten pole workers while they are working, They are not on your property and have a right to access the utility easement. The poles are not on your property and are protected by Minnesota Right Of Way law. We are not trespassing. All of our staff wear proper identifying clothes, and carry company ID. You can request to see this ID.
What safety measures are in place?keegan2020-03-09T09:27:19-05:00

We require proper PPE to be worn during construction. All linemen are equipped with pole safety equipment, such as straps. We have dedicated safety personnel who manage safety, and handle traffic control. All of our staff wear identifiable clothing that says Minnetonka Telecom.

Why are you putting fiber on poles instead of burying it?keegan2020-03-09T08:52:37-05:00

We are using space on existing utility poles via agreements with the power company, this is because it is faster to deploy, and easier to spot problems if you can see the cable (unlike buried cable that is invisible), it is also more affordable and allows us to offer low prices. We plan to place all aerial fiber underground at the same time Xcel Energy underground’s their cables, this allows us to only dig once for all utilities.

We understand you may be frustrated with the cosmetic factor of power poles, but it is Xcel Energy’s decision on whether they want to move the lines underground or not. We personally believe that if poles are only in alleyways and backyards, it provides the best of both worlds.

Will this be underground or above ground?keegan2020-03-09T08:45:35-05:00

It all depends. If you have existing utility poles close to your house, we will not be doing any digging and will simply string our fiber on the pole. If your house doesn’t have utility poles adjacent to it, we will be installing our fiber underground.

What times will construction be completed?keegan2020-03-02T16:06:28-06:00

Construction will only happen during certain hours in accordance with the city code. For the city of Shorewood this is between 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm Saturday, and no construction on Sunday.

How soon will I get my service once construction is finished in my area?keegan2020-03-02T16:02:41-06:00

If you opted to pre-order our service before construction started, then a Tonkatel installer has already installed an ONT and WiFi Router and completed installation of fiber in your home, those who preordered should expect service to be activated within a few days from construction completion in your neighborhood without another visit from us. (You will receive a phone call when you are online)

If you didn’t choose to preorder, then service will be installed by a Tonkatel installer on the scheduled appointment date, usually a few weeks after construction finishes.

In order to preorder service, please fill out this form and we will contact you regarding ordering.

Will construction disrupt traffic?keegan2020-03-02T15:55:26-06:00

No, construction will not disrupt the roads, we plan to be off to the side of the roads and will not block off any roads or driveways for installation.

When will you reach my household?keegan2020-03-02T15:53:29-06:00

It depends on which deployment area you are in, the Shorewood area will be the first deployment, and then Chanhassen. Please contact us through this form and we can provide more details on the timeframe for your area.

How long will construction last in my neighborhood?keegan2020-03-02T15:50:11-06:00

Each neighborhood will typically be finished in under a week, it all depends on whether we have to install fiber underground or on poles, in neighborhoods with utility poles, it typically takes a fraction of the time.