Why Fiber?

Our Fiber Optic internet uses the latest tech to bring you faster speeds and reliable service, all at an affordable cost. The benefits of Fiber-Based internet are: No data cap, Symmetrical Speeds (same upload and download), Faster speeds.

Fiber VoIP

Unlimited Long Distance, Advanced Phone Features, Caller ID, Spam-Blocking, No hidden fees.

TonkaTel TV

4K resolution, Watch from anywhere with a mobile app, Ad-Skipping DVR, Cloud DVR, Wireless STB available.


Fiber Business Internet

99.99% SLA, Fiber-Optic Based, Symmetrical Speeds, Static IPs, Guaranteed Bandwidth, Up to 100 Gigabit

For Small-Medium Businesses

Business VoIP Phone

Simultaneous Calls, Multiple Numbers, PBX Integration, Compatible with both VoIP and Analog

Deliverable in POTS form (Individual lines, T1s, T2s) or VoIP form (SIP), both over fiber. Low calling rates, Toll-Free numbers available.

Business TV

For Hospitality, Venues, and more. 4K support, Customized Branding available, Hotel Services available. Wholesale available.

Custom Hotel integrations available. No Satellite storm outages, over 200 channels available.
Centralized Control and one touch On/Off for all your TVs.

Guest WiFi systems

Provide your Guests with a fast WiFi experience while also generating leads via email address entry, or generating revenue with paid Hotspot service.

Custom WiFi landing portal requires email entry, facebook like, or more, while displaying terms and conditions. Your guests are isolated from your internal network and cannot access systems, printers, or your intranet.

Managed IT

Having an In-house IT department can be costly. Leave it to the professionals. We can provide bundled Internet+IT+Phone+TV service.

We can fully manage your WiFi solution, Internet access, Printers, Computers, Routers, and PBX!

Dedicated Internet Access

For Enterprises or institutions. Fully Dedicated bandwidth, BGP available, Use your own IPs or we can provide them. Up to 100G speeds

Symmetrical, SLA, BGP and more. IPv4 and IPv6 available.