Our Best Plan

Our Gigabit plan includes everything in one low price.
No Data Caps

No Fine Print, No Price Increases

Modem Included
1000 mbit upload & download

$80 per month

Get Gig

Internet. Re-imagined

  • Gigabit speeds in both upload and download, no more buffering.

  • 99.99% Actual network reliability guaranteed, no more outages

  • Fiber-Optics immune to the most severe weather, even lightning strikes.

  • Dedicated connection, no more sharing with neighbours

  • Local support available by phone and chat all the time

  • Lower Prices than Mediacom for better speeds

  • No Data caps, Unlimited usage

  • Jitter-Free Low Latency connection means better gaming, better video calls

Mediacom Be Like:

  • Slower speeds, Upload speed extremely limited, Constant Buffering

  • Unreliable service with 0% guarantee

  • Weather causes outages and interference, coaxial has issues with water

  • Bandwidth shared with hundreds of neighbors

  • Outsourced overseas phone support, issues can take weeks to resolve

  • High prices with hidden fees for mediocre service

  • Strict data caps easy to surpass, high fees for overuse

  • High Jitter and latency (lag) makes Voice and video calls painful